Meet the team

Jamie Watt


A fully qualified Chartered Surveyor with 20+ years’ experience in the corporate real estate and construction industries, Jamie has an extensive international background having worked in 21 countries throughout Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Jamie founded Adaptive Surveys in January 2022 with the vision to provide only the best measured surveys backed by a team of industry professionals and subject matter experts. To date the company has provided point cloud surveys to a wide range of clients including local authorities, construction engineering companies and architectural practices whilst spearheading the adoption of advanced survey methodologies across multiple industries.

Jamie’s remit at Adaptive Surveys focuses on business growth and the advancement of point cloud surveys as an industry standard.

Adam Veersema


Adam qualified from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering majoring in Surveying and Spatial Information. After gaining his professional qualifications as a Registered Surveyor Adam managed the cadastral surveying team of the NSW Public Works Department. Adam moved to Scotland in 2016 with his family and is a subject matter expert in the field of geomatics and advanced survey techniques.

Adam coordinates the office and commercial side of Adaptive Surveys lending his experience and expert advice to each project undertaken by our team.

Jonatan Kivikkola


Jonatan (Jono), a graduate of Edinburgh Napier University with a first-class Honours Degree in Interior and Spatial Design, is the driving force behind the CAD and Revit modelling workflows at Adaptive Surveys. His profound understanding of architecture, combined with a passion for advanced geospatial modelling, makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

Jonatan's expertise extends across various software environments such as Autodesk, Adobe, and various rendering software, enhancing our company's service offering with his versatile skill set. His role encompasses more than just technical proficiency; Jonatan has developed and standardised the layering and file structure conventions for our survey deliverables. This pivotal work ensures that all surveys are precisely tailored to meet client requirements and are fit for purpose.

Before joining Adaptive Surveys in May 2023, Jonatan honed his skills as an Interior Designer & Visualiser at Michael Laird Architects. His tenure at Michael Laird Architects allowed him to blend creativity with technical acumen, resulting in a unique innovative perspective on design and 3D modelling.

At Adaptive Surveys, Jonatan’s role is critical in maintaining the high quality of our deliverables. His keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence ensure that every project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients, solidifying our reputation as leaders in the field of surveying and modelling.

Doug Lamont


Doug is an experienced Land Surveyor known for his extensive expertise in the design and engineering sectors. With a career that spans several positions in land surveying and offshore services, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge to Adaptive Surveys in topographical surveys, laser scanning, site engineering, monitoring, and utilities surveying. In previous roles, Doug has contributed significantly to notable projects, including the Olympic Stadium, Crossrail, The Shard, and Heathrow's Terminal 2 renovation.

At Adaptive Surveys, Doug is instrumental in the development and implementation of advanced surveying methodologies. His combination of strong engineering background, design proficiency, and a collaborative mindset positions him as a cornerstone of the team, driving growth and technological innovation in surveying practices.

David Gruber


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Joanne Stirling


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